Data Strategy, Governance and Security

A Data Governance Framework is required to establish consistency in the Data Governance implementation approach across various initiatives and domain areas.

Implementation of the framework will:
– Ensure that the data meets the needs of the business
– Protect, manage and develop data as a valued enterprise asset
– Lower the costs of managing data

Agile Solutions take a very pragmatic approach when supporting clients with a data governance strategy, which ensures priority is placed on the domains that will deliver the most Return on Investment and leveraging existing capabilities.

We are committed to providing our clients and partners with innovative data privacy, security and governance solutions. Leveraging best of breed technologies, from our partner portfolio, we can ensure the security, privacy and integrity of your critical data across a full range of environments—from databases to big data, cloud, file systems and more.

We have an established team working on Data Strategy, Governance and Security consistently. The DSGS Team is made up of a range of subject matter experts focused on ensuring they are driving the agenda when it comes to Data Strategy, Governance and Security. Meet our team here.  Our team have also developed a booklet based on Agile Solutions’ DSGS approach.

Data Governance Wheel
Source: The DAMA-DMBOK2 Data Management Framework (The DAMA Wheel)

Download our DSGS Booklet, and find out how you can create a Framework that works for your business. 

A Good Data Governance Framework is fundamental to sustaining regulatory compliance, such as the GDPR. Agile Solutions take a strategic approach to compliance to the GDPR, based on the 12 key steps, as outlined by the ICO. Find out more here.