Case Studies

Plugging the Informatica Knowledge Gap in the Water Sector

The Challenge

  • The client’s technical team, developing a replacement (called MFRI) to the existing water meter billing system leveraging Informatica PowerCenter, lacked resources
  • There is little to no documentation of the existing system, consisting of many complicated mappings that are difficult for staff to understand, navigate and troubleshoot.
  • No current functionality for updating the Meter Estate. Originally this was manually updated by a colleague who has since left and has not been replaced. No knowledge transfer was provided.

The Solution

  • MFRI development began utilising the legacy mappings as a basis for deciding which billing functionality should remain, and adding further validation through Expression Transformations for data cleansing purposes.
  • Documentation was authored, focused on Read Receipts workflow details, with inclusion of Create Table scripts for relevant DB tables. The design of the XML and XSD files was informed by the new documentation and standards provided by the business analyst.
  • A Meter Estate database table was created, which will be developed in PowerCenter at a later date, providing the basis for future development.


  • Provided an Informatica PC consultant to augment client’s technical team to develop a replacement the existing water meter billing system. Focus was on Read Receipts and included integration of new, business-analystgenerated, documentation with development of new Oracle databases and table structures.
  • As well as representative XML and XSD files, to interact with billing functionality in PC, both within the client organisation and with an external service provider.
  • Technology - Informatica PowerCenter v9.1, XML/XSD, Oracle.