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Our vision came about as a fusion of the beliefs of the company’s two founders.

Owen Lewis (CEO) had experienced ERP implementations that constrained clients with archaic and rigid architecture, and Steve Whiting (COO) had experienced the adverse impact of large SI outsourcing contracts on clients.

Together they set out to deliver something different: real, data-driven client value.

At Agile, we believe it’s time to think of your business data as business capital.

You know how to manage money to get the best return. So, now you need to manage data for the same reason. Technology platforms are in a state of flux. As a result, your business needs data management solutions that can change, adapt and scale – and a solutions provider who can do the same.

We looked at everything traditional data management solutions providers promise to do. Then we developed our own, new, different, more effective ways to deliver on those promises.

We’re Agile by name, agile by nature. Think of our solutions as being delivered by the basketful every couple of months, while others are delivered by the lorryload every few years. Then think how quickly and easily those two different approaches can be adapted to suit changing circumstances and requirements.

We help you achieve a faster ROI, because we work, deliver and deploy faster.

Our aim is to create tangible benefits for your business. And our Agile Information Management Framework allows us to measure how we are delivering on that aim. We also continually monitor our Net Promoter Scores to make certain that we’re delivering successful outcomes for our clients – we’re happy to share the results with you.

Agile Solutions is focused on deriving true value from your data.

We make data work harder for you by helping you manage it, monetize it, leverage it and make better use of it.

By providing advice, support and delivery services across various industry sectors we cover a multitude of areas, including:-

Everything we do is aimed at creating tangible benefits for your business. To achieve them, our Agile Information Management Framework allows us to measure how we are delivering on that aim.

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