The Information Management (IM) industry is currently experiencing a proliferation of technology and vendors, all offering to deliver organisational IM initiatives. Agile Solutions offer a holistic and unbiased view of the industry, ensuring business use cases and innovation plans are translated into optimal technology and solutions.

At Agile Solutions our experience is that our clients often work with an ecosystem of technologies that we broadly divide into two areas – enterprise strategic and divisionally strategic.

Agile Solutions adopt a technology agnostic approach to delivering business solutions for our clients. Within our AIM framework, we recognise two types of technology vendors; those we deem as Strategic Partners and those that we include in our wider Selected Technology stack.  Our Strategic Partners are characterised by their ability to offer a future proof innovation path along with enterprise class capabilities and scalability. The essential inclusion of technical attributes that drive agility, such as ease of use, repository-based standards and automation capabilities, reduces our list of preferred strategic technologies to a select few.

Agile Solutions work in collaboration with our Strategic Technology vendors to serve innovation in the enterprise arena. Well also deliver tailored solutions through our wider set of Selected Technology vendors.

Agile Solutions work with the following Strategic and Selected Technology Partners:
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