Data Analytics

Solving business problems

The availability of online data is increasing every day hence the emergence of Big Data, and with that, the business opportunity to be able to analyse data and turn it into business intelligence is not to be ignored.

Return on Investment
Consumers are sharing their habits, purchases, preferences, relationship status and career changes via a variety of platforms and devices including Twitter, Ecommerce sites and now wearable technology and it does not stop there. The Internet of Things (IoT) is common place across manufacturing, transport, retail, banking and healthcare, all producing data that can present valuable insights to improve competitiveness and even predictiveness analysis which might be in respect of server performance and potential downtime to geographical population shifts.

Leveraging business intelligence from data analytics allows businesses to:

  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce overheads
  • Tailor marketing messages to specific customer segments thus personalising the consumer experience and  increasing sales
  • Uncover internal inefficiencies, correct the inefficiencies, reduce costs and improve productivity

Agile Solutions are experienced in processing data and interpreting analytics.

Our Managing Director, Owen Lewis shares his views on the need for big data management.