Data Analytics


The availability of online data is increasing every day, hence the emergence of Big Data.  The business opportunity to be able to analyse data and turn it into business intelligence is not to be ignored.

Agile Solutions is experienced in processing data and interpreting analytics.

Return on Investment

Consumers are sharing their habits, purchases, preferences, relationship status and career changes via a variety of platforms and devices including Twitter, ecommerce sites and now wearable technology.  It does not stop there. The Internet of Things (IoT) is commonplace across manufacturing, transport, retail, banking and healthcare.

Leveraging business intelligence from data analytics allows businesses to:

  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce overheads
  • Tailor marketing messages to specific customer segments
  • Uncover internal inefficiencies

Our Managing Director Owen Lewis shares his views on the need for Big Data management.

  • Are your customers enjoying your Christmas advert more than the competition?
  • How are business communication styles changing? Do customers let off steam about the length of time your telesales team takes to answer the phone?
  • What’s top of everyone’s wish list for Christmas 2016? How can retailers compete?
  • Are there more negative or positive comments being published online about your brand – protecting your brand’s reputation on the digital high street is essential.
  • The same goes for the competition.  What does sentiment analysis tell you about their reputation?

Healthcare professionals have used sentiment analysis to predict rates of coronary heart disease using Twitter…

Their research showed that expressions of negative sentiment such as anger, stress and fatigue within a county were associated with higher risk for heart disease.


The stock market has reportedly shifted in correlation with social media and politicians have adjusted their campaign strategies based on sentiment reports to focus in on key issues important to potential voters.

The task is no meant feat, and goes beyond the analysis of negative and positive keywords. Data analysis solutions put language in context as well as using statistical analysis and understanding grammatical nuances and cultural variations. Data is indeed a science.

To learn more about data science, see Hadoop®, an open source software project that enables distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers and delivers critical business insights.

Don’t get so caught up in the gathering and housing of your data that you forget to listen to it. #BeAgile